Sparkling Sweatshirt DIY for iLoveToCreate

I spent hours and hours and hours...and hours...trying to get a good picture of this Sparkling Sweatshirt DIY. some point we have to admit defeat, especially when the pictures take three times as long to finish as the actual project.


Let's just say that I was not feeling remotely sparkly when I gave up.  Add to that a half day attempt at a Juice Diet...bleck...and the never ending super fun happy time that is the pause that is meno and...GOOD GRIEF SOMEONE POUR ME SOME WINE AND MAKE ME A CHEESEBURGER.

No, seriously.  

It's so cute in person, I swear!  My husband and I both gave it our all using our Canon and a Nokia Lumia.  We tried all sorts of lighting and none of it worked.  Lesson learned?  Black, glitter, rhinestones are a PIA to photograph.  I seriously love this sweatshirt, so there's that upon which to hang my jaunty beret. 

Though I have to admit, I may have dipped a toe into Tacky Town. The idea is to create a collar of letters that looks like a necklace.  I plan to do this again with some other colors, so we'll see if they photograph better!

At the very least you get the idea and it's fun.  Get the instructions on how to make a Sparkling Sweatshirt DIY on the iLoveToCreate blog today!  Tell 'em Madge sent ya.


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