Sparkling Crystal Leaves Necklace for Create Your Style with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

If you're missing the fall foliage, this DIY Sparkling Crystal Leaves Necklace is a glamorous replacement!  A while back, I was asked by the Create Your Style with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS team in Austria to design some jewelry based on the theme of handicrafts.  They've shared the design on their website this month, hooray!  I wanted this to have a Folk Art Chic appeal, elements of handcrafted paper married with the unmistakeable sparkle of crystal.  It's intentionally imperfect and handmade.  I started with paper snowflakes cut from very old book pages (I sell these on my website ThriftScore)-you can get instructions for making paper snowflakes here.  I turned the arms of the snowflakes into the templates for the pendants tracing them out on gold cardboard with a slight edge for a stacked effect.  An array of hand glued SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS flat backs elevated the design from handicraft to high fashion.  Crystal bronze shade rounds in varied sizes and aged brass chain pulled the design together, giving it a vintage vibe with a modern appeal.

Visit the Create Your Style site to download the PDF instructions for this Sparkling Crystal Leaves Necklace and while you're there, check out the amazing array of DIY inspiration from designers across the globe.

Life is short, be sparkly!


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