As Seen on Huffington Post

I made Huffington Post! DIY Candy Crush sandals did.  Alas, the writer didn't include a hot link, but still, it was fun to see the project as the lead in image for the article and on the front page of HuffPo Tech.  Kinda cool, huh? 

These are so easy to make, you could do something similar with sneakers for the cooler months, just plastic gems and a little Tacky Glue!  You can get the tutorial on the iLoveToCreate blog. You could easily cover several pairs of shoes with one tub of these gems and still have some left over.

I have a massive straw pile to spin today, but I will be back tomorrow with a holiday DIY project for iLoveToCreate, so do stop in and say hello!

Until then, craft on with your bad selves.


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