New Craft Haul Video for iLoveToCreate!

Craft Haul Video for iLoveToCreate

Hey Howdy Hey, Crafty Campers!  Happy Wednesday!

It's Madge here!

You know, in case you were thinking someone else was posting on my blog.


We just put the final edits on our latest The Impatient Crafter video for iLoveToCreate!  I got a giant box filled to the gills with new craft products!  It seemed unfair to keep all of this crafty awesomeness to myself, so I decided to share with the class. 

Meaning you.

You know, in case you were wondering who the class was.


Enjoy the video and feel free to join me in a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and some Easter Peeps.  And remember that I try to keep my tongue firmly planted in my generously rouged cheek at all times.

In case you were wondering why anyone in their right mind would drink wine and eat Peeps.


Oh and stay tuned for the 411 on our latest DIY on the FLY shoot and the tutorial to make your own delicious Easter Peep Show Bouquet, coming soon!

Until next time, craft on with your bad selves.  Hey, do a gal a favor and sub to our The Impatient Crafter YouTube Channel!  That way you'll be the first to know when we post a new video! 


(This blogger is compensated by iLoveToCreate for projects, videos and blog posts. Because it's her job. Derp.  All opinions are 100% her own.)


Unknown said...

Love, love, love the craft haul video. You keep me laughing and rolling on the floor girl. I'm actually rolling on the floor looking for a couple of lost beads, but you get the idea. Hugs honey.

Margot Potter said...

I do indeed, Miss Debbie! Happy Wednesday! Hope you find those beads lickety split!


Maria said...

Your videos are always so much fun to watch (not to mention...informative..).

Margot Potter said...

Thanks so much, Maria. We try to have fun with it and it makes us happy to know that shines through.


Kory K said...

I love PEEPS. Too much. But not as much as I love wine. I love Peeps as much as I love buying craft supplies.

-kory k

Margot Potter said...

What could be more fun than wine, Peeps AND craft supplies?

I'll tell you what, nothing.

Well, maybe shopping for shoes in Paris...while drinking wine.