DIY Louis Vuitton Inspired Mod Purse

I love vintage fashion.  I've been collecting vintage clothing for over thirty years.  I have a particular affinity for the fashion of the early 1960s. So when I saw the divine Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 mod collection popping up in the fashion pages, my heart went pitter pat.  Alas, my wallet is not in sync with my desires, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a Louis Vuitton inspired DIY purse.  You can get the instructions for this retrofabulous creation in the iLoveToCreate blog today!


This is a picture of my mom with me circa 1963 and as you can see she looks exactly like one of the Vuitton models down to the black and white sheath and the fabulous beehive hairdo.  Yes, she was and still is movie star gorgeous.

Every girl wants to be fabulous, and with a little paint, some decoupage medium and a whole lotta moxie and chutzpah, she can.

Yup, another Cheap and Easy (craft) from The Impatient Crafter.  'Cuz I love you like that!



Mary Ann Potter said...

That's one gorgeous purse! Love your photos here, Margot. You were a baby in '63 --- I was graduating from high school and starting college! How time flies. That's probably why I loved vintage. I'm headed to the site to get some instructions on this cool bag.

Margot Potter said...

Thanks Mary Ann!

I love vintage too, they just don't make clothes like these anymore. Well, they do, but they're called Haute Couture!


erin said...

Heh - I have that theme song running through my head now.

We must contact Julianna to find out how she gets high hair. Must. Have. Beehive. Hairdo. Must.

MadSCAR said...

I love the idea! great job!