How to Make a Hopeful Romantic Paper Straw Necklace

It's Friday!  Where did my week go?  Eek!  I've been so busy figuring out the logistics of the big virtual move, the week got away from me.  Today's offering is two-fold.  A festive Valentine's Hopeful Romantic Paper Straw necklace featuring adorable striped straws and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and scroll to the end to download a super cute vintage elephant png file!  Hooray! 

I am convinced elephants are the next big thing.  Ba dum cha!  No, seriously.  I have been absentmindedly stacking vintage elephant images on a shelf in my studio for the past year and when there were TWO life sized elephant displays at CHA, I knew it wasn't a coincidence.  Trust me, elephants.  Look for them on everything.

E ve ry thing.

Pink elephants on parade!

Enough of this silliness, here's your Hopeful Romantic Paper Straw Necklace!

Cut straws, one long and then two of each length, graduating to the smallest on each side as in photo.  Cut two small segments for earrings.  You can make these as long or short as you like, darling.  As straws are made of paper, you can if you so choose, protect them with an acrylic spray sealer in a matte finish.  This is obviously not water proof, so don't wear it swimming or in the shower. 

Cut your wire long enough to fit straw with 8mm jet SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS beads on each side with at least 1/4 exposed wire in each end.  Loop the wire on the bottom and coil the top with round nose pliers.  Need a refresher?  Try our How to Make a Loop Top Dangle and How to Make a Wrapped Top Dangle The Impatient Crafter Crafty Quickies videos!

Make matching earrings using the same process, attach ear wires!

Attach an EZ-Crimp finding to one end of .018 49 strand beading wire.  Secure with chain nose pliers. We have a video to show you how to use this finding, too!  Thread on a bead, short straw, bead, next size straw, bead etc. until you reach the final bead as in photo above!  You will need 10 beads and 9 beaded straws!  Thread wire end into a second EZ-Crimp finding and secure with chain nose pliers.  (You can also opt to use crimp tubes and leave the wire ends looped.)

Attach a jump ring to each EZ-Crimp and add a chain with a clasp on one end.  The clasp attaches at the side of the beaded section. 

And that is that, enjoy, Buttercup!  Don't forget your elephant, because he will never forget you.

I am cracking myself up today. 



Mary Ann Potter said...

Straws and Swarovski! Very, very cool necklace! The elephant's adorable, too. I always enjoy your posts!!!

Margot Potter said...

Hooray! Thank you, Mary Ann!


stylintn said...

I have loved elephants since I don't know when. I collect them. You always have such beautiful things and beautiful person. Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

I featured you on my blog today: