The Anatomy of a Necklace: DIY Necklace Tutorial

A few beads, some wire, some organza ribbon, a vibrant color palette...and you have a simply fabulous necklace in a flash.  The anatomy of a necklace a DIY necklace tutorial brought to you by Madge. I call this Folk Art Chic(tm), it's the style of our home and a style I'm finding more and more appealing these days. 

I saw these beads and it all came together in my mind, a little time shuffling it all around on the bead board to make it work, and a design was born.  I'll be wearing this to CHA. When I get back, I'll be whipping up some new designs for the website!
I don't know if I'll have time to check in while I'm away, but I promise to try!

Until we meet again, craft on with your bad selves!

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Laurel said...

I loooooove this colorful necklace! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Gabriela Delworth said...

Oh, this is a fabulous necklace!
Love the bright colours.


Unknown said...

i agree- the colors are gorgeous!!

Margot Potter said...

Thanks all! I am pretty smitten with this one too, the colors match our home. It's a funky, folksy, pop of happiness!


sol da eira said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing this project.

Kilika*Hechoamano said...

Lovely colors y perfect job. I like it.

Margot Potter said...

Thank you!!!

beadgirl said...

Great necklace! The colors are perfect together.

Anonymous said...

This necklace is adorable! I love the colors. Found your blog on DIY Doyenne.