Pop Rocks for ImpressArt AND Kalmbach Blog Hop Contest

Grab a cup of coffee.

No, make that a pot of coffee.

This is epic, Babycakes!

I will regale you with the tragicomical tale of our trip to CHA and the unfortunate journey back on another day...let's just say that I'm about 500 dollars short...and a day late...and the Potter family is ex hau sted, especially Miss Avalon.  Today I have to catch up on what I was unable to post yesterday.

Okay so here we gooooooooo!!!!!!

Firstly, I have a super fun Pop Rocks Necklace for ImpressArt, visit their blog to get the 411 and the link to the tutorial on their website.  I used Lucite baubles from The Beadin' Path, lovely SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS accents and the fabulous stamps and blanks are, of course, from ImpressArt.  Good stuff!  This necklace got a ton of love at CHA!  I hosted daily make and takes sharing the Rock Star pendants in the ImpressArt booth, to a mostly super excited group of crafters.  (One snarky lady from Ontario was extremely annoyed she couldn't stamp something else on her blank, but you can't please 'em all.  Sheesh, lady, lighten up, it's just a sample!)

Secondly, I am a day late for the Kalmbach Swarovski Ambassador Blog Hop!  Derp.  Alas, we were traveling yesterday, but here's the 411!  I contributed a decoupage on crystal design called Trashionista (see variations above-get the book to see the bracelet and get the instructions) in the new Crystal Jewelry Inspiration book featuring work by the uber talented Swarovski Ambassadors!  Kalmbach is hosting a blog hop with PRIZES!  Just leave a comment below telling me how you like to sparkle and you'll be entered to win!  Visit the other blogs and leave comments for more chances!  Woo hoo!

The book, Crystal Jewelry Inspiration, is an amazingly eclectic array of inspiring eye candy with stunning designs from a host of incredibly talented and diverse designers!  Visit their blogs and tell them Madge sent you!

Stay tuned for the EPIC CHA report!  Yes, more coffee will be required!

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TesoriTrovati said...

Cool project on the earrings! I never thought of decoupaging on the crystals. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for that book. As for sparkle, lately I have been working on a fundraising order for the dancers at the studio my daughter dances at and I have been making sparkly heart pendants and earrings with nailpolish! Very glittery indeed! I am sure the girls will love it. Hope you and particularly Miss Avalon feel better right quick! Enjoy the day. Erin

Elizabeth Beads said...

I'm all about sparkle! And shimmer, glimmer, razzle, dazzle, bedazzle, brilliance and bling!

Lyneen said...

Did you say SPARKLE... that got my attention... I LOVE IT. ALL THINGS SHOULD SPARKLE. Trashinista sounds like it is my kind of jewelry!!! Hope all is well now that you are home!

Lyneen said...

Did you say SPARKLE... that got my attention... I LOVE IT. ALL THINGS SHOULD SPARKLE. Trashinista sounds like it is my kind of jewelry!!! Hope all is well now that you are home!

Holly said...

Ooooohhhh....what a treat this book would be in my library. Hours of sparkly inspiration! Congrats to you & the other ambassadors, & thanks for everything you do to share Swarovski with the world.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great book, and I so need to work on using more sparkle

Unknown said...

How cool! Please pick me so I can get a good look.

— Suzii

Luciana McCarville said...
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