How to Make Cupcake Wrapper Flowers Guest Posting!

I'm guest posting for iLoveToCreate today with some cheap and easy Valentine's Cupcake Wrapper Flowers you can whip up in a flash to make a whimsical bouquet for your sweetheart.  Who loves ya baby?  Well, I do.  Duh.

Hopefully I'm not alone, I mean let's face it, you're fine, fierce and fabulous and you probably have THRONGS of admirers.

Not to be confused with thongs of admirers...'cuz that's different.

And wrong on multiple levels.

I am seriously smitten with making these flowers!  This is just the beginning.  Why when I'm done no cupcake wrapper will be safe.  Well, except for used cupcake wrappers. I'm all for upcycling, but that's just icky.  I may just whip up a whole field of cupcake wrapper flowers, galdangy!

If you'd like to make some of your own, visit the iLoveToCreate blog for my tutorial on How To Make Valentine's Cupcake Wrapper Flowers!

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