Free Victorian Calling Card and Valentine's Jewelry for Mom

Halloo!  Today's Madge's Share the Love Initiative offering is three fold.  Three is a magic number, after all.  Firstly, a lovely free Victorian Calling Card for you to download.  Victorian era women and men of a certain status would leave them with friends when calling (visiting) often in a small receiving tray or with a servant if the home owner was away.  The cards and the manner in which they were folded or embellished had a variety of meanings.  Here is a great site with detailed information about these fascinating cards.  I have a small collection of these cards in my coffers, this is one of my favorites.  I also sell a digital collage sheet of calling cards on the website for download (which means you buy the file and can use the image again and again in your work.)

Secondly, our latest DIY on the FLY appearance for WBIR Channel 10 NBC Knoxville's Live at Five at Four with the lovely Miss Cheryl Burchett.  You can watch the video below and if you want to see all three of our Valentine's DIY on the FLY videos, (and you do, because they're fun, fast and fabulous!) you can follow the link to the WBIR website! And yes, I did say "shove this puppy in there" while using tweezers to insert a heart into the jar.  My apologies to puppies and felt hearts.

Oh, Madge.

Thirdly, a link to the step by step instructions to make your own Valentine's Jewelry for Mom, or a friend or yourself!  I originally created this for Mother's Day, but it's of course, also perfect for Valentines.

And that's all she wrote.  Remember to Share the Love, love muffins!


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Mary Ann Potter said...

The calling card is gorgeous! Thanks so much! Love the little glass vials. I have a penchant for altered bottles, so these give me some more ideas. Have a fabulously terrific and terrifically fabulous day! 8-)

Margot Potter said...

I love these cards, they're fascinating! Kind of like a blog comment, only prettier!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a craftacular day.