DIY Cupcake Wrapper Flower Valentine's Wreath

What's this?  A lovely DIY Valentine's Wreath for iLovetoCreate?  Why yes, it is!  Isn't it romantic?
Monday was Operation Take Down Christmas at Casa de Potter.  Le sigh. Worst day of the year, if you ask me.  Which you didn't, but that never stopped me from sharing my opinion.   I was feeling the winter blahs and then I stumbled on a Styrofoam wreath in my crafty coffers and I simply had to make a Valentine's wreath.  The making of this wreath was epic, in a Dino DeLaurentis or Ziegfield Follies fashion.  I wanted romance, I wanted pretty, I wanted it all without the slightest whiff of ticky tacky.

First, I wrapped with this divinely decadent Rigoletto Yarn from Red Heart, which was a gifty at the FaveCrafts Blogger event.  This yarn is actually intended for ruffle scarves, like the one I shared  yesterday...but it was perfect for wreath wrapping!

The wreath, once wrapped stared at me defiantly for hours.  I tried ribbons.  I tried bows.  I tried wired tinsel hearts. I fretted.  I moped.  I tried and tried again.  Nope.  It all looked like crapadoodle.  I knew I had some glassine cupcake wrappers...somewhere.  But where in the h e double hockey sticks where they?  I dug, I rummaged, I poked around and then...what to my wondering eyes should appear?

Uh, they were sitting next to my computer monitor.


After some experimenting, I figured out how to turn the wrappers into peonies.  Then added a large a/b faceted SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal to the center of each...then just a touch of glitter and SHAZAM!  Now we're talkin'!

Still, this wreath needed something...and then I remembered the wired pom pom trim I got at Michaels on clearance.  I swagged it across the front of the wreath and it was perfection.  A chorus of angels literally began singing in my studio!

One last touch...but what?  It needed red, but just a smidgeon.  Then my brilliant daughter reminded me of my smallish stash of felt shapes and I dug through the mish mash to find exactly enough tiny red felt hearts to add to every other pom pom!

Oh frabjous day, calloo...callay!

I LOVE THIS WREATH!  If I could marry a wreath, I'd marry it!  If I could wear it, I totally would.

And guess what, Love Muffins?  You can make one too!  It's my guest post for iLoveToCreate and I've taken meticulous step by step photos and shared the entire process on their blog.  Get thee hither and make your own DIY Cupcake Wrapper Valentine's Wreath, anon!

Yes, it's just another fascinating, fun filled, melodramatic post from Madge.

 I really need to get out more.



TesoriTrovati said...

So very cute! I think I need a new Valentines wreath. I like the ruffly flowers. I think I would dip the paper liners into food coloring or alcohol inks to get an ombre effect of some soft colors. Cute garland as well! I could see a little garland of paper triangles spelling out i love you or something. Super cute! Enjoy the day. Erin

erin said...

Still have mine up, although all I got done was lights and one ornament. Heehee! It's a red ornament, too, so it's Valentine appropriate. Ha! I love what you've done with cupcake wrappers, of all things!

Margot Potter said...

Two, two, two crafty Erins! Ms. Erin Prais-Hintz, oh yes! These look great with distress inks, it takes a little effort to get teh ink to stick, you have to scrinkle the paper up and dab and scrinkle, but they look so pretty when finished! Yes, I thought about words, but it's hard to photograph small text, so I decided on hearts, but words would be so pretty!

Ms. Erin Holloway, waht? Only lights and one ornament?! Say it isn't so?! Hee.

Ms. Madge