Instant Glam Blog Hop: Copacabana Necklace Set

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the Instant Glam Blog Hop!

What do you get when you combine the fabulous new Instant Glam by Fernando bezels with the colorful kid's craft material known as Perler Beads and a generous sprinkling of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS?

A quirky cool jewelry set for the hipsters on your holiday list!

It's what I like to call high/low. As in High Fashion meets Low Fashion.

Think Honey Boo Boo Haute Couture or Betsy Johnson crafts with Eloise or 'HIGHLOW. darling,  that's FREAKING FABULOUS!'

No I have not lost my mind...Perler beads are all the rage on sites like Reddit and Tumblr.

Check out this collection by designer Sabine Ducasse!

AND My very stylish BFF Mark Montano made some stunning jewelry with it in his fabulous new book.

When I was invited to celebrate a brand new line of simply chic components designed by my fellow Swarovski Ambassador Fernando DaSilva I leaped at the opportunity. These bezels are stylish blank canvases you can fill with the pre-cut Crystal Rocks shapes or opt to iron the shapes on a porous surface and put something else in the bezel. And that is precisely what I did, because I like to color outside of the lines. Or in this case, I supposed I colored inside of the lines, in an unexpected fashion! If you haven't seen this stunning new line of components, you simply must check them out! And if you've never seen the stunning jewelry created by Fernando DaSilva, you simply must check that out too!

I have not yet decided what I am going to do with my crystal rocks component, but ideas are brewing.

I must away for a top secret super awesome something I can't talk about yet. secret super awesome something!




Terry Ricioli Designs said...

This is so much fun! Guess I'll have to dig the kids' Perler beads out of the cupboard and dust them off!

TesoriTrovati said...

That is such a fun set! It was fun to come up with a design for this, I feel super sparkly honored to be on this blog hop with you, Miss Madge! But I think I am at the complete other end of the spectrum. ;-)
Enjoy the day! And ooh! Super secret stuff! Can't wait! Erin

Sarah Sequins said...

Oh my gosh, cute!!!

I love what you did with your Perler beads. It's funny -- a few weeks ago, I bought three bags of them at a secondhand store, not knowing they'd become so popular. I'm making mine into a bracelet. They're versatile little things, aren't they?

Margot Potter said...

They're oddly intriguing! I have more plans for these...

Diane said...

What a fun and colorful design!