How To Make Pretty Papers DIY Christmas Cards

These Pretty Papers DIY Christmas Cards are a breeze to make using cardstock, scrapbook papers and crafty bits and pieces!  I'm guest posting on the iLoveToCreate Blog today and you can get the instructions to make your own Pretty Papers DIY Christmas Cards there tout de suite.  Mais, oui!

I am kinda proud of myself for finally figuring out how to make a transparent layer in Photoshop.  Oh, I could have used the manual, but it hurts my head.  So instead, I have stubbornly stumbled around like an idiot for months now.  But let's face it, the internet is changing fast and galdangy there are a ton of bloggers who are super graphics savvy and Madge was falling behind the times.  My horse drawn cart was limping along while bullet trains sped past.  I will not go gently into that good night though, so I persevered.  I'm happy with all of the pictures I made for this tutorial, really more like tickled silly.  So heck, go see my Pretty Papers DIY Christmas Cards and check out my fancy little graphics too!

I am afraid, much like when I went from a manual typewriter to a computer (way back when the pages printed out with perforated edges)...I may go overboard with my fancy new tricks for a bit.  And you may feel much like my professors who were happy to see me leave White-Out behind, but equally annoyed at my new found love of FONTS!  Give me an F!  Give me an O!  Give me an N!  Give me a T!  Give me an S!


And here I am lo these many years later still geeking out over fonts.  

Ah well.  On another note, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...well, not so much at Casa de Potter...but SOON!

Have you gotten your copy of my new book yet?  I won't stop nagging you until you do!


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