Happy New Year's, love Madge

This is last year's New Year's Eve project with a little musical interlude for your edification and entertainment. These are really super cute (the little one on the bottom is a man's boutonniere, I still have mine from last year...if you don't date them you can use them again!

Insert evil crafty laugh...here.

2013 is going to be TECHNICOLOR, RETROFABULOUS, GLITTERY AND GLAMOROUS! Big, bold, beautiful new directions are unfolding and y'all are gonna love it! I am heading into the new year with my arms wide open, my heart filled with gratitude and my grin a mile wide! LIFE IS LARGE! Let's rock this year, people! Huzzah!

Have a Happy, Happy New Year's, I shall toast to each of you at midnight with a glass of bubbly!