DIY Crocheted Infinity Scarf

Last year, our lovely and talented local Knoxville Tatting Queen, Erin Holloway drove all the way out from Knoxville to our little Smoky Mountain hideaway to teach me some basic crochet.  I knew how to do a chain stitch and make some crocheted flowers, but that was the entirety of my skill set.  I find crochet patterns painful to read, is it just me?  I know, it's shorthand, but when you're just starting out, shorthand looks like Greek.

Unless you're Greek, in which case I suppose it resembles cuneiform.

Ba dum cha.

I'll be here all week, people.

Flash forward to last month when the divine Drew Emborsky (The Crochet Dude) sent me a box of generous samples of his new products, including a set of super awesome crochet hooks!  Then I scored this super yummy nubby yarn at Michaels on super yummy sale.  I was determined to make some super yummy nubby crocheted infinity scarves as gifts.  The first seven attempts were horrid.  I mean Mommy has a potty mouth and even the dogs were scared horrid.  Hide the young uns, Madge-y is crocheting again!

I persevered much to the chagrin of my family and instead of, I don't know, finding an existing pattern and copying it, I made a pattern up as I went along.  Yes, I like to make things far more difficult than they have to be.  Go me!  It's a grid, created with connected rows of double crochet.  I am quite sure I did not invent this and others have done this much better before me.  I don't really care though because I did this all by myself without a pattern.  I shared a fuzzy pic of these on Facebook and some folks requested a pattern.   I don't speak Greek or cuneiform, but I did my best.

To start your chain, just make a loop by crossing the yarn over itself, reach inside of the loop and pull the yarn through making a loop you into which you can slide your hook.  Then use the hook to grab the yarn and pull it through the loop over and over again.  Each time you pull, that pull becomes your next loop. I added links to online tutorials for the various stitches below if you are baffled.

You need:
Michaels Loops and Threads super yummy nubby yarn
Size L (8mm) The Crochet Dude blue plastique me

Here is the shorthand Greek pattern version:
Chain stitch (ch) 129
Slip Stitch (sl st) ends together
Ch 6
Double crochet (dc) in 3rd stitch from end
Ch 3
Dc in 3rd stitch from last dc
Continue until you are three stitches from the end
Ch 3, sl st in 3rd stitch from bottom of your first chain stitches...remember this is a circle!
Ch 6
Dc in top of first double crochet
Continue this pattern, ending circle as before and make six rows
That's all!

(PS: GET MORE CROCHET! Crafty Chica has an a do ra ble Crazy Scrap Yarn Scarf pattern on her blog today!)

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