Christmas Love Campaign Blog Hop

Join me today on the Christmas Love Campaign Blog Hop!

The lovely and talented Susan K Weckesser started this campaign after her father died of cancer.  It's a way to remind us that small kindnesses have big impact.  She's created a beautiful stamp you can purchase for $3.00 to create art you can share with others, the proceeds from the stamp benefit The American Cancer Society. PLUS you can share your art to win prizes AND throughout the campaign, there will be random unannounced surprise contests and giveaways.  All you have to do is  follow the Christmas Love Campaign on Facebook, check Susan's My Sweet Earth blog daily and follow her on Twitter for updates.

The Mission: Create something (anything crafty),cards, sewing, editable art, beads, you name it, and then give it to someone. ANYONE....even a TOTAL STRANGER! Then TAKE a picture of what you have created. GO over to to the CHRISTMAS LOVE CAMPAIGN Facebook page. Upload your picture. SHARE your Christmas Love Story.

I've written a short essay you can find on Susan's blog today! And in the spirit of GIVING here is my gift for you, gentle are cordially invited to download this permission free holiday image from my ephemera collection for your creations.  If you do use it, share a picture with me and I'll share it here!  I only ask that you don't sell this image, but you are free to sell anything you create with it.

I hit a Christmas bump this weekend, it was ugly.  There were tears, there was drama and there was frustration.  Yesterday I sat with that and decided that my joy is my responsibility.  You can't make other people happy, but you can choose joy.  And when you do, it's contagious, in the best way possible.

Life is short, be sparkly!



Grace said...

So hard sometimes to check the (Choose Happy) box! I am glad you did and I am choosing the same. Sometimes it is just best to stay away from certain people. Ha but sometimes they find us. Good luck Grace

Margot Potter said...

Yes! Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own happiness. It's easy to forget that, but if we can carry it like a beacon and shine it on others, we all benefit.

Happy Holidays, Grace!


Marylou said...

Thanks Margot for your words and kindness in sharing the image. It's nice to hear I'm not the only one struggling with road bumps in the way of feeling and celebrating this Seaon!