A Glitterville Christmas with Madge with Bonus VIDEO!

We had the distinct pleasure and privilege this Christmas Eve of attending Glitterville impresario Stephen Brown's holiday party.  His Victorian era home is extraordinary, like something from a Frank Capra film.  The TWO giant trees DRIPPING in vintage blown glass and new vintage inspired Glitterville ornaments were simply breathtaking.  Two slender white pines were festooned with sparkling tinsel, there were all sorts of lovely little folk art chic details on the walls in the sitting room, the front room a whitewashed sparkling affair and the rest of the house equally dazzling.  We brought coconut covered sugar cookies shaped like chickens for Miss Dolly Poulet!  She seemed to approve.

I haven't had a chance to sing in ages, my endless stupid songs I make up about whatever random thing I'm doing every day at home not included.  Having a white grand piano with a talented pianist on the bench proved too tempting.  Yes, my pipes are rusty and my breath control not what it was before the asthma arrived, but it was still quite fun to sing a little holiday ditty! 

So here you are, from me to you, gentle reader.  Though it's been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you.  We hope that you enjoy our little video, shot on a cell phone and edited with love by my hubby Drew!


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