Yummy Apple Recipes for Fall!

I was recently on WBIR's Live at Five at Four with the fabulous Miss Cheryl Burchett and our DIY on the FLY segment and I shared some yummy apple recipes for fall!  Here are the recipes and instructions to make your own apple-licious comestibles and libations!

One of the best things about fall is a crisp, tart, tangy apple.  I am a big fan of the granny smith variety.  They’re the perfect choice for a caramel apple, because they’re tart enough to contrast with the sweet of caramel, chocolate and the crunch of chopped nuts.  These are so easy to make and if you’re feeling adventurous, try serving them with Madge’s Fall Down Apple Cider Cocktail.  Don’t drink too many though, or you’ll fall down!

Madge’s Chunky Caramel Apples
3 large granny smith apples
1 bag soft caramels (I use Kraft)
2 tbsp water
Miniature chocolate chips
Toasted and chopped almonds
(Other possibilities include walnuts, pecans, white chocolate chips, chopped candy corn, chocolate or rainbow sprinkles...)
Wooden dowels
Optional rubber gloves

1.  Toast almonds in a 350 degree oven until crisp, check often to be sure they don’t burn.  Cool and chop using knife or food processor.

2.  Melt caramels over stove top in non-stick pan using medium heat.  Stir until all lumps disappear.

 3.  Insert dowel into center top of a clean apple.  Place apple in pan and spoon caramel over entire surface. 

 4.  While caramel is still hot, place in a bowl of toppings and use hands to pack toppings into caramel.  (I usually wear gloves to prevent caramel from sticking to my fingers.) Place covered apple on greased cookie sheet and cool in refrigerator.  Some toppings may slide down apple, after a few minutes of cooling you can bring apple back out and repack.  Repeat for all three apples, if using smaller apples one pack of caramels should cover four.

5.  Wrap cooled apples in cellophane bags and make custom tags using kraft paper tags, patterned scrapbook papers and printed words including:  Tasty, Scrumptious, Delish, Yummy.  I like to use a tape runner for quick assembly!  Attach tags to apple with decorative ribbon.  These are fabulous hostess gifts and also much adored Christmas presents!  Store in refrigerator until consumed.

Madge’s Fall Down Apple Cider Cocktail
Apple cider
1 shot spiced rum
1 shot regular apple schnapps (don’t get the sour kind...or you may be sad)
1 stick cinnamon
Brown sugar
Granny smith apple slices

You can serve cider hot with mulling spices or chilled.  Dip edge of martini glass in cider.  Dip into a plate of brown sugar to rim edge.  Pour cider into glass.  Add alcohol.  Garnish with fresh granny smith apple slice and a cinnamon stick.


Charla Giesey said...

O...M...G!! Those look delicious (as always)! Thank you for the fabulous Fall treat ideas!!

Margot Potter said...

My pleasure, Charla! I have to admit, my favorite part of fall is the food! Bring on the apples and pumpkin!