The Paint Chip Pals Rainbow-tastic Holiday Blog Hop!

It's The Paint Chip Pals Rainbowtastic Holiday Blog Hop!  I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!

My offering is a graphic, because Madge has been a busy bee launching the Modern Romance jewelry line and The Fine Art of Shameless Self Promotion this week.  So step right up and get your free Live Handmade Graphic in RAINBOW colors!  Yup, it's FREE!  HUZZAH!  You can also opt for the no color version below or heck get them both! Why not!  I made these yesterday to spread the new mantra...because it's important to remember not just to BUY handmade, but to make, give and live handmade.  If you just take the money you make on your handmade stuff and go to Target, something gets lost in the equation.  I'm just sayin'.

Hello!  Hello!  Hello!

It's that kind of a morning!

Some of you may recall that I was on a reality competition show this past summer called Craft Wars.  I can't share the graphics anymore and it doesn't look like the show will be coming back.  That's a topic for another day.  Even though I had a craft fail on national TV, I had a blast doing the show and met some amazingly talented crafters in the process.  The show contestant 'vets' have a top secret private Facebook page and we still keep in touch there and share what's happening in our crafty worlds.  One of the show winners Andrea Currie and her husband Cliff of Handmake My Day just launched a KickStarter Campaign to help finance their a do ra ble Paint Chip Pals!  They need the DIY community's support, which is where you come in, gentle reader.  It's the season of giving!  Why not help your fellow crafters make their dreams come true?  I feel a song coming on!

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true."

And hey, they're giving away a plush doll too, visit Handmake My Day to read all about it and leave a comment here for a chance to win!