Just Add Crystal...

Glue crystals to numbers, add jump rings, attach findings and chain.  Shazam!

I've been working with the Create Your Style with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS brand since my first book...way, way, way back when!  In fact, I was the first American DIY industry designer to knock on their door back in 2004 to request samples for a book.  That was one of the bold emails I sent out in my year of reinvention, and when someone responded I almost fell off of my swivel chair!


Don't ever be afraid to ask.  The worst thing that can happen is that they might say no.  On the other hand...they just might say YES!
Glue crystals to acrylic, string beads and add findings.  FAB!

It's been an honor and a pleasure to be associated with their brand for the past nine years.  So when they asked if I'd be willing to go to Cambridge and spread the crystal love in a brand new Michaels along side the sparkletastic spokeswoman Ms. Jo Pearson, I was ticked ten shades of dazzling pink!  Make that 'Vintage Rose', s'il vous plait.

Mom jeans get a new life with paints, markers and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS!
Jo and I had far too much fun showing people how to use hot fix and flat back crystals to take their designs from drab to fab in seconds flat!  In fact, we sold out of everything!  I even gave my glue pen away to a disappointed shopper.  I hate to see crafters so sad.

When planning our demos, I wanted to be sure the projects we shared were simple, pretty and affordable.  The acrylic tiles and numbers are part of Tim Holtz's product lines for Ideology, you could also use Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza's fabulous PodgeablesEK Success who sponsored our demos has a nifty little crystal glue pen with a magical picker upper end that makes quick work of adhering flat backs to slick surfaces.  (You can find the pen at Michaels.) It's important that you use the correct glue for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to prevent clouding the finishes.  Just map the design out, add a drop of glue and place your crystals.  I strung up a single strand of 4mm A/B finish bicones to make a pretty necklace and attached the numbers with a jump ring to a simple silver tone chain.  Effortless chic!

For the book cover (which you may recognize from a recent DIY on the FLY Mom Jeans episode) I added hot fix crystals with EK's hot fix applicator tool and used a Sharpee to add dashes between crystals.  (You can find the crystals and tool at Michaels.) Think about an entire denim jacket or pair of jeans like this?  Divine!

A little sparkle can go a long way and by using it to accent inexpensive jewelry, fashion and home decor items, you really can make a bold statement on a budget.   

Sparkling Kisses,


Unknown said...

these are so pretty :)

Margot Potter said...

Thanks, Jodi! Love your blog!