iLovetoCreate Teen Crafts: Toiletry Organizer Cabinet!

iLoveToCreate Teen Crafts
Toiletry Organizer Cabinet
Avalon (and Andrew) Potter

Avalon and her dad had to make this week's project for iLovetoCreate because Mom was at the Southern Women's Show.  They did a terrific job with this handy dandy bathroom organizer which makes a stylish storage solution!  This is easy to hang on the wall above the toilet or by the sink.  Av's plan is to put hair bands, cotton balls and bobby pins in the jars and keep some of her toiletries in the shelf unit.  They sell these little cabinets in the wood section of the craft stores and the jars can be found in neighboring aisles.  This is a great way to clear sink space and keep organized.  Teen girls require a fair amount of beauty supplies, as do their moms who could also benefit from a shelf like this!  Using Tulip stencils allowed them to add initials and the pouncers make quick and pretty work of the polka dots.

Materials and Tools
Small wooden cabinet with glass doors
3 small glass jars with metal screw tops
Crafty Chica Little Chica Paints in white and blue
Tulip Sticky Fabric letter stencil or Tulip Multi-Surface Stencils
Tulip Sponge Pouncer
Tulip Fashion Glitter gold
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint gold
Aleene's Super Gel Instant Adhesive

Tape off glass, mix teal from green, white and blue paint, paint cabinet interior and exterior. 

Dip pouncer in white paint, tap off excess, press and twist to make dots. 

Attach stencils to glass. 

Stencil gold paint with pouncer. 

Sprinkle glitter on paint, tap off excess. 

Glue lids to bottom of cabinet. 


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Kory K said...

This is a freakin' cool idea- it never occured to me to personalize/create upon a readymade 'furniture' piece! Why?! I don't know! I love the idea of adding initials to the doors- I've gotta get to target. I need something like this in my bathroom.