How-To Make Savvy Studio Storage Mason Jars

*Le Mason Jar Crafts Caveat

Firstly, let me explain that I am fully aware that 'Mason Jar Crafts' are a trend in the DIY world that falls into the list of things I rattled off yesterday as being redundantly, redundant.  Yet as I was asked to make some for a fancy website, I gleefully acquiesced in the hopes it would generate some significant traffic to le blog.  I therefore spent a lot of time and effort on these.  Alas, not only did my lovely jars come in last place...the traffic she did not appear.

Zut alors!

Regardless, and because I know we ALL need a place to store the copious amounts of maribou, glitter and wired tinsel we keep in our is the DIY for you, dear reader. Think of all of the supplies that might be fetching lined up in a pretty jar, beads, buttons, pom poms, googly eyes...dare I say that much of what is shoved willy nilly into crevices and corners could make for a delightful display? And I think these quite delightful indeed, so there. 

Mais, oui, mon petit chou!

Love and Kisses
Madame Smarkle

Savvy Studio Storage Mason Jars
Copyright 2012 Margot Potter
The Impatient Crafter(tm)
As a professional craft designer, I have an absurd amount of supplies to keep organized, and I’m always looking for simple and pretty solutions.  Here’s an easy way to turn some Plain Jane Mason jars into swanky studio storage with a few simple materials!  No need to limit these to the studio, they could work in any room of the house!  For your kitchen, try coffee, tea and sugar!  For the bath, perhaps cotton balls, Q-tips and dry bubble bath!  Change up the labels and fonts and use them for holiday d├ęcor!  These are far too pretty to hide!  They’re the perfect way to perk up your counter tops in a flash!

These must be fabulous, look at how many exclamation points I used!

Vintage Atlas Page or Coordinating Decorative Paper
3 Smooth Surface Mason Jars
Burlap Ribbon
Canvas Corp Burlap Fabric Trading Cards
Canvas Corp Kraft Paper Mini Gift Cards
Prima Paper Flowers
Canvas Corp Hemp Cord
Dover Art Nouveau Digital Frame (sized to fit card-add text in editing software (I used Photoshop and Goudy Old Style font)
Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Tacky Transparent Tape
Hot Glue Sticks

Hot Glue Gun
Pen or Pencil (for tracing lids)

Et, voila, les Mason Jars tres charmant, n'est pas?
Finally, a place for all of your maribou!  HOORAY!
No need to thank me, it's what I do.  ; )

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