Crystal Petals Jewelry Set for Martha Stewart Weddings

Happy Tuesday, Girls and Boys!

I hope all is glitterfabulous in your corner of the universe!  I'm doing my best to stay in the Happy Bubble, but some days it's easier than others.  Such is life.  Today I'm teetering on the brink, but determined.  Yes, determination is a good thing.  Speaking of good things...

A few months back I designed a jewelry set for Beadalon using their 49 strand wire and a plethora of lovely SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  Here it is, in an ad in the newest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings!  This collar necklace features crystal swags working around the neckline like petals on a flower.  It feels divine when worn.  The earrings are two ovals that work to make a three dimensional shape. I really love how they turned out.  I kept the bracelet simple and added one lovely red heart crystal, which of course is a surprise for wedding jewelry, but I'm a romantic and I quite like that tiny pop of red.

There are INSTRUCTIONS to make these designs at the Beadalon Website!  Here is the link to the tutorial!

Here is a pic of the necklace and earring, alas it is not a perfect pic, but it gives you a sense of the designs:

I designed for Beadalon even before I had this 'accidental craft career.'  In fact, you might say they discovered me!  Or more aptly that Yvette Rodriguez from Beadalon discovered my work.  This was one of my last projects for Team Beadalon and one of which I am immensely proud.

While working with Beadalon, Katie Hacker, Fernando DaSilva and I wrote a beautiful book filled with interesting designs to inspire new pathways for creativity in beading.  There's a giveaway of that book on the
All Free Jewelry Making blog!  Follow this link for the details!

I am off to dust off my pith helmet, time to prepare for a bold new adventure!  Exciting things are happening at Studio Madge!  Soon I will share with the class!



Janice Mae said...

Hi Ms Madge,

Love this simple yet elegant design of yours! I will try and make them using he crystals and one using my small round paper beads for eco chic elegance:) Thank you for the idea.

Cami said...

This is exciting! Congratulations, Madge! I've been following you since the myspace days... :)

évelyne said...

c'est vraiment superbe

bridal jewelry said...

Crystal Petals Jewelry Set looks really very stunning and very perfect for Martha Stewart wedding and I really like your idea and much appreciation for this. Thanks