Craft Wars Inspired I Love Rock and Roll Necklace

Craft Wars Inspired I Love Rock and Roll Necklace 
Copyright Margot Potter 
All Rights Reserved 

I know, it's only rock and roll, but I like it, like it, yes I do. I could not believe last week's Craft Wars challenge wasn't mine! Rock and Roll? Uh, fronted several post punk era bands in the Bay Area back in the 80s. Jewelry? Uh, wrote seven books on jewelry making. Do I think I could have rocked that Pop Craft Challenge, uh, yeah. The Master Challenge on the other hand, dang. That was impressive. I kind of loved both of the projects, it must have been a tough call. I will not be torching duct tape at Studio Madge, because I'm thinking that may be a little, well, toxic. Though it was pretty bad ass! And how Stephen could have said there was too much glitter was beyond me. Rock and Roll is all about excess! 

I did not wish to take apart instruments or music equipment, egads! Sacrilege! Instead I spent one hour last night working with items I had at hand to make an edgy, glam rock necklace that I am LO-VING. Hammer, stamp, edge, drill and let 'er roll! I had some fun Blumenthal Lansing scissors buttons (runs with scissors, yes she does) and vintage metal wrench charms for the metal, some SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for the glam and some ImpressArt blanks and stamps to get hammered for the heavy...add some r o c k with edged, crystallized and drilled Scrabble tiles and some 8 ball charm's a melange of crunchy fabulosity! Then the ribbon I found at Michaels on super clearance tied it all up nicely.



4 Scrabble tiles to spell r o c k
4 Elongated heart blanks from ImpressArt to spell r o l l
2 3mm crystal ab SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS flat back crystal
6 8mm red coral SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS rounds
6 10mm crystal SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS rounds
6 8mm Czech glass eight ball beads
4 Blumenthal Lansing scissors button charms
4 Silver tone wrench charms
Heavy duty silver tone chain
Red edged ribbons
30 6mm silver tone jump rings
4 10mm  silver tone jump rings
12 silver tone head pins
Krylon silver leafing pen
Ranger Alcohol Ink Cranberry
Ranger Alcohol Ink Pitch Black
Aleene's Glass and Bead Adhesive

2 pairs chain nose pliers (to attach charms with jump rings)
Round nose pliers
Ranger Pouncer with Felt Pad
Brass head stamping hammer
Steel head ball peen hammer
Steel bench block
2 hole punch
1/4" 6mm lower case letter stamps
Electric drill with 1/16" bit

(Beads are threaded with head pins and a loop is turned at the top with round nose pliers, then all charms are attached as in photo using a jump ring for each charm and working left to right at the bottom of each link. Click here for a video on how to make loops.)

Do you love rock and roll as much as I do?  Check out Craft Wars Vet Andrea Currie's FABULOUS mosaic guitar project she made for her hubby Cliff on their anniversary!  

And that's it, cuz I got a rock and roll heart! Here's a pic of me at the Keystone Palo Alto back in the day!


MeganL said...

Such a great idea. I have been holding on to some miscellaneous scrabble tiles waiting for the right project. I have some Inksentials foil tape that would wrap around in a cool frame like this one.

Two thumbs up!

Meredith@Beadalon said...

I love how you took the photos with the tool that you used to do it.

Simple idea, great execution.
You rock!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 1 post on Aug. 21, 2012. Thanks again.