Inspiration Video Sequel!

Hello Love Muffins! are exhausting.

I had totally forgotten.  This probably wouldn't be so exhausting if I wasn't also working around our two existing dogs who are still sussing things out.  They're not so sure they like this new thing.  Charlie, our male dog, has been walking around making whining noises for two days.  Cricket, our female, has been much better than I'd thought she'd be.  For now it's a matter of keeping everyone separated.  We're constructing a play area so that I can stop spending hours on the porch watching the puppy play.  Not that there isn't a certain amount of Zen in that, unminding, being present.  It's just that I'm not very Zen and it's allergy season in the Smokies.  I had the same problem with my daughter when she was a baby.  It was really hard sometimes to stay focused on being present for hours on end.  True mom confession time.

Still puppies are entertaining and this one is especially cute.  And my daughter was the cutest baby, ever.  I'm not kidding, people stopped us on the street to tell us that.  She's a pretty darn cute teenager too. 

Alas teenagedom has presented new challenges in being patient and present.


Above is my video blog sequel to last week's post on Seeking Inspiration.




Unknown said...

I love your video's they are so inspiring as you you are and so darn funny I love that.

Margot Potter said...

You rock, Brenda!