Crafty Chica's DIY Floating Butterfly Earrings!

DIY Floating Butterfly Earrings copyright 2012 Kathy Cano Murillo-The Crafty Chica

Nothing makes me happier than inspiring creativity.  That's the fuel that keeps me motivated here at Studio Madge.  So imagine my excitement when I saw this fabulous project on Crafty Chica's blog inspired by the Sparkletastic Styrofoam Easter Earrings!  Love, love, love what she did here!

Get step by step instructions on Kathy's blog by following this link!

If you make something inspired by a project on this blog, I'd love to see it!  In fact, I'll post it here and link up to your tutorial.  

Tune in tomorrow for a new Teen Craft Project for iLoveToCreate!


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Thank you for sharing!! :-) xo!