Tuesdays with Madge for Fiskars National Craft Month!

Three Ring Circus Jewelry Set Copyright Margot Potter for Fiskars 2012

The fine folks from Fiskars asked me to fabricate four projects featuring their fabulous tools for National Craft Month. Of course I jumped at the chance! The first project is the only jewelry design. I was so smitten with this circus font themed scrapbook paper, I simply had to turn it into jewelry.

And so I did.

And so can you if you follow this link to get the instructions on the Fiskars site!  Stay tuned, I have a new Fiskars project for every Tuesday this month!  Hooray! 



Sarah Sequins said...

Designing projects for Fiskars -- how fun! They're such an amazing company.

(Personally, I love their handheld paper punches.)

Lovely necklace, Madge! <3

barbe said...

ooohhh I love it!! What a fun project!


erin said...

This is such a fun project! And it's got stickles!