Something Starfishy Around Here...

Starfishy Copyright 2012 Margot Potter

Happy Spring! Flowers are popping up all over the Smokies and the trees are starting to sprout leaves, this is my favorite time of year. I LOVE SPRING! Alas and alack, spring does not love me.

Dog Days Copyright 2012 Margot Potter

I made this jewelry with the plastique beads I bought in Tucson from The Beadin' Path and I've added a judicious smattering of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. I adore working with plastic. It's big and bold and light weight, you can pile it on and it won't weight you down. Try making a necklace with bubble gum sized gemstones, far too heavy!

I am currently loving these saturated colors. Kelly green, bright yellow, orange...very citrusy. Light and summery and fun, yes? I added red to the bracelet which really gives it a vintage vibe. You may remember the bracelet from an earlier post when I mentioned wanting to add one more element, so after some thought I decided on some vintage gum ball machine charm scotty dogs. Let's face it, put a scotty dog on it and it's instant cute!

These are for me to wear to some upcoming events. I would love to make a line of jewelry like this...but I'm not sure who would buy it. Thoughts? Who do you see wearing this big, bold, playful jewelry, well...besides me?

And with that I am back to the grindstone at Studio Madge. Have a craftacular day! Be a Crazy Craft Lady! Hooray! "T'aint nobody's business if you do!"



erin said...

And if I should take a notion
to wear some starfish to the ocean....
Taint nobody's business if I do!

You could always put little gardinias on those scotties and have Billie Hollidogs. Tres adorable!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Who would wear it? I would! (See me raising my hand. Very cool. Love bold, bright and light weight beads!

Sarah Sequins said...

Cute beads! I love the dogs. :)

I think this type of jewelry would be popular with anyone fun and free-spirited. Hopefully that's a starting point?

LissC said...

OMG.. These are so so so cute!!! You always make the best and most fun pieces!