Chop Wood, Carry Water

"Verily, Margot, the more understanding one possesses, the less there is to say, and the more there is to do." The Universe

Well heck and howdy doody, I really kicked off a firestorm yesterday! Do forgive. As the title said, I was just thinking out loud. I am not running away to join the circus or giving up my craft career, I'm just taking stock of the things that are and are not working. The bottom line is, as of late, aspects of what I do are not working. I need to adjust them and integrate some of the things I love that are missing back into the mix. I'm not going away and things won't really be very different around here. We're building a new site, I'm working on some new professional directions, opportunities are unfolding...there is all kinds of good stuff happening at Studio Madge.

I am going to take the pressure off of myself. I'm going to get back to being who I am and doing what I feel. There may be a project, there may be a rant, there may be a post like this where I am just sharing my journey. There may be a kooky video with me singing in it because...I can. There may be a few days or a week when I don't post at all. I am going to do what makes me happy and if folks dig it, fabulous and if not, screw it. They can read another blog.

There is a Zen saying that is apropos at times like this. The crux of it is that we are in this physical world and we have to do the physical things. We have to eat, work, sleep, pay the bills, take out the trash, walk the dog...and no matter how enlightened we become, the dog will not learn to walk itself. And these mundane things we do each day are part of the deal. We can even find grace and joy in the doing of them if we look hard enough.

So, I leave you with this.

"Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

I'm off to chop the wood and carry the water. Thank each of you for your kind words yesterday, I am deeply blessed.



Constance Vlahoulis said...

It is AMAZING how many of us are thinking and doing the same things. Reviewing, re-evaluating what is working what is not. I am doing that at home and at the studio.

You had me at, "Chop Wood, Carry Water..." as is one of my fav quotes. I am glad to connect.

There is another one....
"To Know and Not To Do.... Is To Not Know."

So good luck to you and me as we do what needs doing, and figure out ways to do it better.

Angelique said...

I happened to have this video ( open in another tab when I was reading your last two blog posts and think it's pretty relevant. The latter part is about pushing through fear of failure, but the first couple of minutes is about professional success vs personal development and seems to speak to the kind of crisis you're experiencing now. As always, thanks for sharing it and for your honesty.

Amy* said...

Whew! I meant to comment on yesterday's post but the wood chopping got in my way...ok so it was just popsicle sticks but you know what I mean. I was a bit nervous that you were about to skip town but happy you were off on a new adventure! I also knew you would at least send us all a postcard from time to time and that calmed me down. Glad to hear new things are happening for you (you deserve it)! Although I'm disappointed that there is no chance of my dog learning to walk herself. Ah well, I guess I'll have to chop more wood. I wish you the best of luck on your new adventures!

Sarah Sequins said...

Taking stock and taking the pressure off yourself are both very good things to do. :)

I really have to thank you for your post yesterday. After reading it, and some of the insightful comments, I became even more determined to do things My Way, even if it means my career doesn't grow as quickly.