Runway Design Reveal

Twisted Crystal Jewelry Set for Beadalon Copyright 2011 Margot and Andrew Potter

A while back I shared a sneak peek of a runway project for a manufacturer and today I'm revealing the whole shebang! This is not for the shy or retiring.  It features huge freeform tendrils organically wrapped with large vintage faux pearls and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. I made the necklace and earrings and Drew made the coordinating bracelet.  It was a wonderful, intuitive process. I really didn't want to go into it with relentlessly specific plans, I just started playing with the wire and eventually got to this.  What's great about this thick gauge of wire is that it's much more forgiving and looks fabulous hammered.  I can't wait to see pictures of these on a model!

To make something similar, you need 10 gauge tinned copper Artistic Wire, 22 gauge silver plated German style wire and an array of large and small faux pearls and crystals. Then bend, hammer and wrap to your heart's content! The core of the necklace is Remembrance memory wire, which is perfect for heavier necklaces because it's tempered steel.



erin said...

Beautiful! And isn't it flattering on Ms. C. Minerva? You must get pics of the pieces on the runway and share!

Margot Potter said...

The event is in the UK, so I'm remaining hopeful they'll get pics for me. Alas I can't attend.