iLoveToCreate Teen Crafts: (P)upcycled Valentine Card

(P)upcycled Valentine Copyright Margot Potter for iLoveToCreate

iLoveToCreate Teen Crafts:
(P)Upcycled Valentine
Margot Potter for Avalon Potter
“Mom crafted, teen approved”

Avalon was buried in school work this week, so I’m stepping in for a little retrofabulous infused teen craft. This can be either a card or an invitation to a Valentine's Day party!  You can upcycle any old Valentine you may have in your collection. I had this adorable little vintage card in my coffers that was begging for a new life. Arf, arf. I loved the way the edge punch looked centered on each of the four sides of the pink square, gave the layer purrfect doily style appeal. Tulip Glam-it-Up Crystals and Beads in a Bottle gave it all a little dimension and Aleene’s glue made quick work of putting it all together. Nothing fishy about it, this is, as Avalon says, “Adorbs!”

Red Cardstock
Baby pink Cardstock
Tiny Heart Scrapbook Stickers
Fish Scrapbook Sticker
Printed Letter “u” in Campbell or similar vintage style font
Upcycled Valentine
Aleene’s Acid Free Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Tacky Dot Runner
Tulip Beads in a Bottle Pink Glitter
5 Tulip Glam-it-Up Crystals

Chain Nose Pliers, Tweezers or a Crayon to pick up and place crystals
Scalloped Border Punch
Ruler and Scissors 
Pinking Shears
Word Bubble Punch

A sampling of some of my collection of vintage Valentines.

1. Print a letter ‘u’ in Campbell or a vintage style font size 14.

2. Cut your cardstock to 5.5”x5.5” or dimensions that work with your Valentine.

3. Use pinking shears around edge of pink cardstock.

4. Center border punch and cut out scallops inside of all four edges of paper. (Don’t punch the edge off, this is just to add a little doily style window. Save punched dots to use with word bubbles.)

5. Punch or cut word bubbles, I cut the little talking tag from the bottom since these are thought bubbles in this card.

6. Use glue dot runner to attach pink layer on top of red background and card to center bottom of pink layer.

7. Attach heart sticker to card.

8. Use pliers, tweezers or crayon to lift crystals, dip into glue, tap off any excess and place on card. Crystals go in each of the four corners and in center of the small heart.

9. Attach word bubbles with tape runner. Add hearts, fish and ‘u’.

10. Punch one scallop out of the white paper you used for word bubbles and save the tiny punched out circles. Use a toothpick to dab a small amount of glue on card where you want your paper dots leading up to word bubbles to be placed and gently place dots on card.

11. Use Beads in a Bottle to add dimension to edges of the pink layer on your card.

12. This is a flat invitation style Valentine, you can opt to make a folding card if your prefer.

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