Beadalon's Wire Mesh

Mesh Poppies Copyright 2011 Margot Potter for Beadalon

This is a design I created recently for Beadalon to showcase their fabulous new Artistic Wire mesh and their stunning antique brass finish chain. Oversized SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS polygon beads gave it a little sparkle to reflect the understated metallic color palette. It was a very intuitive design born from play.  Some of my best work comes from not having an agenda.  I'm quite pleased with how this turned out, very bold, simple and striking.  These mesh poppies would work nicely on accessories: headbands, shoes, hats or purses.  I used felt to back them and give them a little stability.  (I'd sew around the edges with a 26 or 28 gauge matching wire to keep them from fraying if using them on a bag or shoes.) 


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