Retrofabulous New Year's Fascinator

Copyright Margot Potter 2011

Well heck and howdy doody, it's almost New Year's! I absolutely can not wait to bid this year adieu and welcome in 2012, how about you?! We whipped up a little video with a Retrofabulous New Year's Fascinator tutorial below.  I sing, I craft, I act like a dork...what could be more festive?!



Toltec Jewels said...

Wowee, Madge! This video has put me into the Holiday Spirit a second time ... just in time to welcome the New Year properly, with retrofabulous fun and joyful expectations! And as quite the singer of jazzy sassy and super songs myself, I am delighted to have joined in, right here from my cozy bed, with your ever so beautiful voice! We sounded so fab together, my daughter came running! Just wait 'til I add your Retrofabulous Fascinator & my sparkling Liza Minnelli twinset to the mix -- oh, they'll be standing in their chairs!

Oh, Good Girlie Good Power! We do kick ass ...

LOVE, Toltec Jewels

Margot Potter said...

Miss Rita

You made my day! I bet we made a fabulous duo, I love it!

Keep on kickin' ass in the New Year, sista!


Eileen Bergen said...

Well, that was fun! Thanks, Madge and Happy New Year!!

Tammy said...

I love that you are doing these videos again!