Craftily Ever After...

Folks, meet my holiday banner.

Holiday banner, meet my readers.

Talk amongst yourselves.


I am trying learn more about making banners and websites and I'm really proud of this little guy. Plus who doesn't love a knee hugger elf? I mean...really.

I was feeling beat up this week. I mean beat up like a fading prize fighter in the ninth round beat up.

Yup. Then I woke up yesterday with a fire in my belly and I got to work. I bought a url, and I made a fresh banner for the site and we soft launched. My pals Mark Montano and Stefanie Girard are in on the fun too and we've got a couple other folks who should be joining the party in the very near future. But here's a little peek at what we've got going on...eventually the site will be filled with big juicy pictures of projects linked to each of our blogs that you can review when you need a little crafty inspiration so keep checking back!

Welcome to Crafternity (n.): Where truly charming crafts go to find their happily ever after.

We hope you like!

Don't forget to check out my holiday giftables! I have books at 17 dollars each with a signature and a piece of ephemera tucked inside AND the FABULOUS jewelry I've put in my Etsy Shoppe at sale prices to make room for new! I will never sell my jewelry at this kind of pricing again, this is a once in a lifetime shopportunity people, even if you just take the pieces apart you are getting amazing values on the materials! Check back because I'm adding some Secret Santa goody bags for the holidays packed to the gills with studio swag!


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