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"Games People Play" Upcycled Bingo Card Ormament Copyright Margot Potter 2011

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Games People Play 
Upcycled Bingo Card Ornament
Margot Potter

I have hoarded gathered lots of little vintage goodies over the years. As I move often, larger items are given away, but the little trinkets and treasures come along for the journey. It is fascinating how these tiny momentoes of days past have survived. Who tossed these dice? Who scooted this little scotty dog around a Monopoly board? These little doo dads, they've seen things. They carry a small piece of history in them. I have always felt like I was born in the wrong era. Vintage things fascinate me. From my first visits to rummage sales to my years of thrift store trolling, to my years of wearing vintage head to toe, I am enamored with and deeply smitten with the past-yet firmly rooted in the present. It's a dichotomy to be sure.

Speaking of presents, variations on this theme make lovely gifts. I have stacks of old BINGO cards, with crisp and clean graphics and they make the perfect background for all sorts of fun collages. In this case, I used old game parts, letter beads, tinsel and more to make a lovely ornament with a truly vintage appeal. Add as much or as little, glitter or no, make this yours...or more aptly...make it suit the recipient. Note that all number elements on this card have something in common...what could it be? Hmmm...

Vintage or new BINGO card (you could opt to use cardstock and adhere a copy of an old card, buy a repro set or look for these on auction sites, they're fairly easy to find.)
Various small vintage or new game pieces. I used a bingo chip, a Monopoly game piece and dice (Old games are easy to score at thrift stores, flea markets or on auction sites)
Plastic letter beads to spell: "Merry Christmas"
Small chipboard scrapbook pieces 2 5
Wired red tinsel to form hanger
Silver tinsel to decorate top of card
Tiny wooden clothespins to attach tinsel hanger
Wooden star
Tulip Beads in a Bottle crystal color (or Traci Bautista's Collage Pauge Sparkles)
Tulip Metallics 3-d paint silver
Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Aleene's Tacky Line Rolls

Tweezers or chain nose pliers
No stick sheet to protect work surface

1. Cut red tinsel long enough to form a large bail on top of card. Mine is 6". Cut smaller tinsel to fit space at top of card where red tinsel attaches at the top.

2. Use Beads in a Bottle in crystal to color the dice, scotty dog, plastic letters, tiny clothes pins and paper elements.

3. Stipple the silver paint on star and paint around edges using foam brush. Allow all elements to dry.

4. Attach silver tinsel to center top of card using Tacky Line roll.

5. Use glue to adhere larger elements.

6. Use glue and tweezers or chain nose pliers to place plastic letters across bottom of card.

7. Attach red tinsel to front top of card on both sides with tiny clothes pins.

Copyright Margot Potter 2011

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