Retrofabulous Upcycled Holiday Place Setting!

Scrabble Place Markers Copyright Margot Potter

Thanksgiving is next week and we're always looking for fresh and fun ways to dress up the table!  I came up with this idea a few years back for Crafts 'n Things Magazine.  I collect ephemera and have lots of old game parts I mine endlessly for craft projects.  This was so easy to do and it looks really lovely on the table.  You can score old Scrabble games at thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets or on eBay.  I used SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal ab flat backs here with a two part epoxy.  (Be careful what kind of glue you use with crystals as some will cloud the finishes.  I recommend a two part epoxy.) The silver was applied with a metal leaf pen, Krylon makes them. They're also great for edging shrink plastic, chip board, grungeboard and wooden mixed media pendants, LOVE!



Lori Greenberg said...

I love this idea! Adorable!

Loretta Headrick said...

That's a swell idea. I thought of little holes drilled in the top left or right corners, and a smidgen of sparkle wired in to either stand, dangle a tad, or both; perhaps on the first and last tile. I love this. Thanks for sharing it. ;-)