I Did It!

Okay I confess, this is only part of the insanity, there is more in the garage...

A while ago I made vague promises about becoming one of those 'fancy studio people.'  I have been climbing over boxes and living in a state of denial ever since.  That is until this past weekend when I finally did something about it.  Yes, at least until I manage to mess it up again, and I will, I am a fancy studio person.

Insert trumpet flourish...here!

Ah, order!
Yes, there was a desk under there!
Take that, tiny little bits and pieces!
Okay so the desk is not so fabulous, but it's clutter free at least!
Beads managed.
Wire, adhesives, paints...and more space to fill with that stuff in the garage I mentioned earlier!


Michelle said...

Looks fantastic. There is something so comforting about organizing your creative space, clearing out clutter to make way for new energy, new projects.
I'm an organizing nut. You should feel proud!

Geralyn Gray said...

Looks great.....exactly what I have been doing a couple hours every day......can't wait to share pictures when it is done!!!!!!

Loretta Headrick said...

I know how gratified you feel. Creativity is at a low ebb when my work space is not organized. Clearing, cleaning, and arranging my studio always clears the cobwebs and clutter from my brain. Huzzah for you, Miss Madge!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Awesome job! Looks super! I love organizing and organizers. It feels great when everything falls into place. Now I just have to get my mess in order...

TesoriTrovati said...

I am desperate to bring order from the chaos in my studio. It seems that with the encroaching clutter my space to work keeps getting smaller and smaller. My husband remarked that there was not one flat surface not touched by my chaos. He is right. And I need to do something about it! Thanks for the inspirational kick in the pants, Miss Madge!
Enjoy the day!

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

I dream of being one of those fancy studio people too, Margot.

I make progress from time to time and then I start crafting again and the projects pile up and ... well, you know how it goes!

Your studio looks beautiful - for now ;-)

Margot Potter said...

I'm still unpacking stuff and filling shelves, it feels so much better in here. Too much clutter hurts my head.


Cindy said...

I am jealous! The next step in my studio makeover is moving - for the fourth or fifth time - my giant IKEA bookcase. Maybe then all my boxes will find homes in their cubbies. Thank you for showing the before pics - only seeing the perfect finished studios is sooo discouraging!