Halloween FaBOOlosity Day Seven: Crystal Web Necklace

Crystal Web Necklace for Create Your Style with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS copyright 2008 Margot Potter

Today's Halloween FaBOOlosity is currently the most popular download on my blog.  I made this way back in 2008 for Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements.  This necklace took patience, but the idea was such fun my excitement overrode my impatience.  I get a little obsessed sometimes. 

Follow this link for the instructions!

Hauntingly yours,


Leigh-AnneD said...

Wonderful job!

Jenny said...

I'm not seeing a clickable link. : (

Margot Potter said...

Just added! Thanks, Jenny! Juggling too many balls this morning!

Sarah Sequins said...

That's stunning! The spider is a great touch.

I could see making that necklace in other colors, too. Like maybe... a winter-themed snowflake necklace. :)