Day Six of Halloween FaBOOlosity: Glitterati Skull Earrings Video!

What the what? Can it be? Day SIX of Halloween FaBOOlosity?! Huzzah! Today's spookcraftular selection is a video we made way back of our first...and it has perhaps about 57 too many sound effects. There's a fun dance break and Avalon makes an ADORABLE cameo. Now that I know more about UTEE, I would not recommend stirring it like I do in the video and I would suggest adding some UTEE Flex. Though I still have the jewelry I made that day and it all looks great!

Lots of stuff happening here at Studio Madge, so stay tuned!

Spookily yours,

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The ChainMaille Lady said...

OMG! Toooo funny! Fabulous project!