Wire Crochet with Madge

Quattro by Margot Potter for Beadalon Copyright 2010

My new book plays with wire crochet and spooling and this is a piece I created for Beadalon while working on the book using a super huge crochet hook. Of course I had a super huge crochet hook handy because I am impatient.

Have I mentioned that?

The cool thing about using the super huge crochet hook with two 22 gauge colored wires is that you can pull the stitches taut after crocheting them so you get a long, lean, woven, two tone effect. I made four strands like that and braided them. Thusly, the piece is named Quattro. I then added some super awesome beads from the super awesome Lori Greenberg aka Bead Nerd. She makes seriously super awesome lamp worked beads in small production runs.

I really love how this design turned out and I'd forgotten about it until I got to CHA and saw it in the Beadalon booth. Then I remembered it again while poking around in my computer files just now. Apparently I need to start taking Gingko Biloba.

If you haven't started weaving your wire, you simply must try. You will have a blast with it! Also check out my new book for some other fab and different ideas for playing with wire. Yes, that is what you call a shameless self promotional plug. Tee hee.


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