ILovetoCreate Teen Crafts: Beads and Flowers Tye Dye Headband

Avalon Potter for ILovetoCreate Teen Crafts
Beads and Flowers Tye Dye Headband
"Teen crafted, Mom approved."

When I attended the CHA convention in Los Angeles for ILoveToCreate I got to use a great new product; Beads in a Bottle. Beads in a Bottle comes out in dabs of paint but dries like perfectly rounded beads. Everyone that saw this product just fell in love with it. Beads in a Bottle was so fun to use and so simple, I knew there had to be more I could with it than just make beads. This week I was planning to do a tie dye project with a headband. I could not find my tie dye kit, so instead I grabbed my Beads in a Bottle. While I was making the beads, I was rushing through and they were not turning out right. Finally I just chose to wipe the whole thing off. After I tried to wipe the paint off, I noticed how it looked like tie dye. I was so pleased with the effect, I decided to use it for my project this week. My mom calls this a craftastrophe turned into a crafty success!

Tulip Beads in a Bottle semi precious colors
2" thick white fabric covered head band
Paper towels
Aleene's Liquid Fusion glue
Large and small felt flowers with rhinestone accents in green, pink, and purple (wide enough to fit head band)


1. Take your first Beads in a Bottle color and apply a few medium sized dots anywhere on the headband. This will be the test to determine how long to leave the paint on it.

2. After a few minutes take a paper towel and wipe the dots off going in the same direction. If it turns grayish and wipes right off it needs a little more time to dry or if the bottom sticks it needs a little less time to dry. Once it spreads evenly without coming off or sticking too much, you can start making semi-circles with the paint dots, arching the dots and randomly adding dots to the surface.

3. Let all of the dots dry for the appropriate amount of time then wipe them across the head band in one fluid motion like the ones you practiced with.

4. In any empty spots, fill in with whatever color you like using the same technique as before.

7. Once you have finished with adding and wiping off the beads, the headband should have a tye dyed/camouflage appearance to it.

8. Attach flowers to center of headband, working from edge to edge, using smaller flowers on thinner segments of the band and larger in the center.

10. Let the liquid fusion dry before wearing.

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