Blog Tour and Book Giveaway! Kathy Cano Murillo's Miss Scarlet's School of Patternless Sewing

Kathy Cano-Murillo is of my favorite people on the planet. Anyone who knows her can attest to the fact that she's crafty, she's funny, she's talented, she's hard working and she's kind. No one is more inspired or inspirational. I'm not sure how she did it, but somehow she's defied the time space continuum to find time to create craft projects, blog posts, social networking posts, a product line, finished goods for sale AND write novels! Her latest absolutely delightful 'crafty lit' offering features a plucky heroine and a host of fascinating characters with whom you'll instantly fall in love. Every page of the book is so fun filled and fantastic, you simply will not put it down. You'll want to savor every moment, stitch by stitch, as Scarlet Santana takes control of her life and in the process inspires others to do the same. I'm part of Chica blog tour today. Read more below about this MUST READ book for any woman or man who has ever dreamed of reinventing themselves...and if you'd like a copy of Chica's book, leave a comment here and I'll contact and announce a winner on Thursday!*ktH*3sSecfbcczxXBjKE*6YPtZ47nrX0LDZpMDxEUhVIJgdBT4XYESJ19DmFUzuGBjMMgcZTJEy*CUXIOeET56A6ZmunruX/9780446509237_154X233.jpg

Title: Miss Scarlet’s School of Patternless Sewing
Author: Kathy Cano-Murillo
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: March 8, 2011
Hardcover: 352 pages
ISBN: 978-0446509237
Genre: Fiction

From the Publisher:

Sometimes to find your life’s true path, you have to stray outside the lines . .

Scarlet Santana is never happier than when creating fabulous fashions for women of all shapes and sizes. Now, after years of hard work, she finally has the chance to live her dream and study under the hottest designer in New York. To raise money for her move, Scarlet opens an after-hours sewing school in a local record shop, teaching a type-A working mom whose rigid parenting style is causing her family to unravel and an enigmatic seamstress with a mysterious past.

But as stitches give way to secrets and classmates become friends, the women realize an important truth: There is no single pattern for a good life. Happiness is always a custom fit.

About the Author:

With a life motto of “Crafts! Drama! Glitter!” Crafty Chica Kathy Cano-Murillo is a creative force of nature. A former syndicated columnist for The Arizona Republic, she is the founder of the award-winning Web site, and the author of seven nonfiction craft books and a Web series on Kathy has a Crafty Chica line of art supplies that are sold nationwide. She also has been featured in numerous media outlets such as The New York Times Magazine, NPR’s Weekend Edition, USA Today, Bust, and Latina magazine. She has shared her crafty ideas on local television, as well as on Sí TV, HGTV, and DIY network. She has been writing stories longer than she has been crafting. Inspired by Judy Blume and Erma Bombeck, she caught the literary bug in grade school, where she used to draw a picture and then write a colorful story to go with it. It’s a creativity exercise she still practices to this day! Kathy lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, two kids, and five Chihuahuas.

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I received a complimentary copy of Miss Scarlet’s School of Patternless Sewing by Kathy Cano-Murillo from Hachette Book Groups to offer my honest review of the book. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of aforementioned book.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [08 Mar 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

TesoriTrovati said...

Sounds like a great book! I think that is brilliant... to turn her love of craft into a crafty heroine! Thanks for sharing this review, Miss Madge!
Enjoy the day!

krystamarie said...

This definitely sounds like a great read!
Thanks so much for sharing!

chatdumpgirl said...

oooh! i can't wait to read it!

Unknown said...

Craft Lit.! I had no idea it existed! Brilliant!

rosebud101 said...

I'd love to read this book! Thank you for your generosity in sharing it with us!

Crystal said...

Cool book!!! Would love to read it!!!

Kim said...

Looks like a great book. Cathy is one of my favorite crafters. Hope to win this

Dana said...

Nice concept, Crafty Chica! And thanks, Margot, for the review and the chance to win a copy! Saw you on JTV a week or so ago with Lisa Pavelka and yep, that's gonna be dangerous for me! LOL!!
Rock on with your crafty self!

AbbieRoad said...

Oh oh I wanna win!! Pick me pick me! ::waves hands ferverishly::

Penny said...

Have been dying to read her books but haven't had time to get one. Would love to win one! Thanks for all your crafty ideas!

Carol N Wong said...

I like the idea of the book. I have been to the author's website and she has a lot of great craft ideas.


Unknown said...

Channeling my inner Arnold Horshack - Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Claire Vorauer said...

Note to self - log son out of Google account before posting comment to blog... Arnold.

Judylynn said...

I'd love to win a copy of this book! Thank you for a chance to win.


Judylynn said...

I'd love to win a copy of this book! Thank you for a chance to win.


susie carranza said...

i'd love to win her latest book. thanks for the chance!

Carol said...

Fantastic! I would have never found this book, love this blog!

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Margot,
I used to watch Kathy on DIY, thank goodness for YouTube. I'd love to read her book; put me on the list to win please. TFS
By the way, I bought your book, "Beyond the Bead", great book! It was one of those "meant to be" things. I found it in the magazine section; think someone put it there to buy later or was too lazy to put it back where it belonged. So, I snapped it up.
Thanks for your blog!

RainsGenealogyVine said...

How wonderful. a Crafty Heroine very interesting.

I would love to win copy.
rainbowwheel@hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! xo!!

aallen66 said...

I would dearly love to read this book. I've been a long time craft fan and an avid reader. What a great way to merge the two interests. Thanks for the chance!

Unknown said...

Don't know if I'm too late...but this sounds like a great read!

Designs by C O R O N A said...

I met Kathy last summer when she was in SA for a book signing on her first book.She is a wonderful, down to earth person. Her husband and mine discussed the perils of having crafty wives. ( At least I think that is what they were talking about) We have kept in touch and I am looking forward to reading this new offering from her and perhaps visiting again on her next visit. I highly recommend her work.