Product Review: Hot Glue Gun Helpers

I was so excited when my crafty pal Cathie Filian from HGTV's Creative Juice first showed me the new line of glue gun tools she and Steve Piacenza developed for Plaid. If you've ever been burned by a hot glue gun, you'll be blown away by this super smart set of tools to prevent that from ever happening again!

The set includes a craft mat, which is a great surface to work on because the glue will not stick to it and it protects the surface underneath from getting burned. You also get finger caps made of the same non-stick and heat resistant material, so now you can press down into the hot glue safely. You also get a kicky little pair of tweezers to help you pick up smaller elements and place them into hot glue and on items you're decorating. There's a little paddle for soft pressing and a thicker press wand for heavy duty pressing and smearing the glue. Five simply fabulous tools all in a perfectly perky shade of pink.

Do I love these tools? Does a bear like honey?

This is an absolute 'must have' for any serious crafter. You can find out more about them here and you can buy them here!

I was sent a sample of this product for review, but I was not compensated. The opinions in this post are entirely my own. I don't review it if I don't love it. Period.


chinamommy said...

Oh wowie, what a GREAT idea!! Sure wish it would have been around many burns ago! :) Thank you for sharing, I'm off to really check it out!!

ifrog crafter said...

I am definitely checking this out! I've actually quit making some items because i couldn't handle burning my fingers so much. Can't wait to try this out & start making those things again! <><

Nancy said...

Gotta have it! I'm tired of missing skin on my fingers!! Great idea.
XO Nancy