Releasing Attachment and Day Seven on CRESCENDOh!

Image Marc Chagall "Birthday" from Dover Books

I packed my daughter's room yesterday, with her assistance. I was relentless. We cleared out four big garbage bags of clothing she doesn't wear and a big Ford pick-up truck's worth of books, games and toys she no longer wanted. It was hours and hours of picking up things and saying, "Do you need this? Trash, Goodwill or keep?"

I was impressed with her new found ability to release her stuff. We've been trying for years to get her to give away some of her old toys and stuffed animals and suddenly it required no thought at all. Maybe it was those episodes of Extreme Hoarders we watched on the road this summer.

I like acquiring stuff, but I'm always aware of the great cosmic truth that we don't really own anything, we're just caretakers. I also like getting rid of stuff I don't need, it makes me feel lighter.

Lighter is always good.

It's my final day on CRESCENDOh and my artists today are two really phenomenally talented people whom I happen to adore. Corrine of Jafabrit, a mixed media artist who never stops amazing me with her endless creativity and Ben Sander a.k.a. Brini Maxwell the mid century modern maven with the impeccable sense of style and cheeky sense of fun. Please visit the CRESCENDOh site and follow the links to visit them both. I'm quite sure you'll be so glad that you did.

I must away to clean, clean, clean. We've already got someone interested in seeing the house! We put sheers in all of the 6 foot windows and finished painting the upstairs rooms. Everything upstairs is in variegated shades of blue, it's all a subtle shift in tone from room to room. It's so dreamlike. It's really been interesting seeing this house finally become what I'd envisioned when we moved in six years ago, and admittedly a little sad to have it look so lovely and know I'll never see it again.

Sigh. More of that releasing attachment stuff I'm afraid.

Enjoy your Sunday! Until next time...craft on with your bad self.



jafabrit said...

You amaze me, as do many others so I don't often think of myself as being amazing lol! Oh you DOLL, thank you. sending you a BIG old hug.

Having moved so many times, oh I know so well what you are going through, exciting, exhausting, sweet and bitter all rolled into one package.

Your daughter is doing so well, releasing things is hard, but so valuable. I learned to photograph things I really liked and then let them go.

LissC said...

I can relate to your daughter completely!! My mom just helped me clean out a lifetime worth of junk, barbie dolls, beanies, roller blades that I haven't had on in 20 years! We had a HUGE garage sale for 2 days. It was hard to watch some of it go, but I watched season 1 of hoarders on netflix to keep me inspired while I cleaned out. I laughed when I read that you watched hoarders. I wonder how many people get inspired to toss stuff because of that show? I bet a lot. It was funny that you said you've been trying to get your daughter to toss out her stuff because that is exactly what my mom has done, and like your daughter I was just ready to toss out this time. My mom was even asking..are you sure? And she has never had the occasion to ask if I was sure I wanted to get rid of something. I think we all just get to the point where something happens, or changes and it makes us rethink our connection to Stuff.

Anyways. As always your blogs are always so relate-able I always love to read them! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Have a beautiful day!!