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ILoveToCreate Teen Crafts
School Spirit Tie Dye T
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“Teen crafted, mom approved”

(Note from Mom: I’m so incredibly proud to announce that my talented 12 year old daughter Avalon will be doing bi-weekly blog posts for ILoveToCreate right here at The Impatient Crafter™ and at the ILoveToCreate blog. She’s joining the super fabulous Maya Murillo as they split up the teen craft post duties. Without further ado, here’s Avalon!)

School is back and school spirit is higher then ever. I thought for my first project I would do something for spirit week. At Twin Valley we have a school spirit day were we wear our school colors. It helps get everyone excited for the new school year. So I thought what better way to get the readers excited for not only school but my first blog?

This project is great if you want an intro to the ILovetoCreate Custom Dye Color Kit!

Cotton t-shirt
Rubber bands
Tulip Custom Dye Color Kit
Disposable rubber gloves
Tulip Fabric Markers (bright)

Fabric scissors
Large pot or bucket
Large wooden spoon

1. Select your shirt. Wash shirt to remove sizing. Make sure you’ve got your mom or dad with you, the dye can irritate your eyes or your skin. Follow directions on package carefully.

2. Protect work surface with plastic bags and newspaper. Wearing rubber gloves, prepare 2 gallon dye bath in a large pot or bucket following recipe in the pamphlet that comes with the dye kit. I used Shamrock.

3. Use rubber bands to tie off shirt to create patterns. You can fold and secure or twist and secure, each new way of securing the shirt fabric will create unique designs. You can find a lot of great techniques on the ILoveToCreate website.

4. Place shirt in dye bath and stir for 15 minutes. Keep shirt in bath for one hour, stirring every ten or so minutes.

5. Remove shirt from dye bath and remove rubber bands. Wash shirt on hottest setting with laundry soap. Wash separately from other clothing for the first few washings.

6. Use fabric markers to write the name of your school across front of t-shirt.

7. Cut off sleeves, cut off bottom of shirt and cut off the collar to create a boat neck style.

8. Use coordinating ribbons to tie the tops of each arm hole.

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