Crochet it. Love It. Wear It. Book Review!

I must confess, when I think of crochet, I think of granny square quilts and open weave slouchy berets with boho floral accents. What I don't think of is Haute Couture. This is perhaps the 70s kitsch prejudice that all crochet enthusiasts battle. Crochet is often perceived as knitting's kooky cousin. Yet, Drew Emborsky has once again created a collection of crocheted designs that defy any misguided stereotypes about what you can actually do with a crochet hook in his gorgeous new book Crochet it, Wear it, Love it!

If you don't know The Crochet Dude yet, trust me, you will. Drew Emborsky is poised for crafty superstardom. His talent, passion, enthusiasm and pithy prose pulls you in from page one and even if you, like me, have beginner skills, Drew is the perfect teacher to guide you on your journey from novice to expert. This book is jam packed with fashion forward, runway friendly ideas that I'd sport in a hot second.

I want the saucy Hesperas corset dress in the worst way possible and I'm completely smitten with the outrageously impressive Budapest Nights faux fur trimmed full length coat. The Angel of Music jacket is so perfectly proportioned...heck even I might take a stab at making something bigger than a crocheted flower!

I'm a huge fan of Drew's and it's been such fun to watch his meteoric rise in the craft industry. He's one of the good guys and he's an immense talent. It's really nice to see nice people succeed.

To order the book,
follow this link to Amazon. To read Drew's absurdly popular blog click here. Look for Drew's Crochet Dude product line to debut soon at a craft store near you!

The Crochet Dude Mystery Word Clue: Granny Square (yeah, it's two words, so?!)


MonetMum said...

I love what @TheCrochetDude is doing with the look of crochet - taking it to a higher level of fashion design. Would love to have the book! #TCDBlogTour #Leisurearts

Captionist said...

Great book review; makes me wanna get the book!

Elizabeth Lafferty said...

LOVE Drew's patterns - been following his work from way back. I recently spied his Crochet Dude products at Joann's ans was very impressed!

hershey038 said...

I like how you said the book breaks all stereotypes of crochet. It certainly looks like high-fashion. I will definitely have to get the book for my crochet library.

Kimberly and Abby said...

The projects in Drew's book are awesome. I wish I had time to make them all!

Jo said...

I resisted my mother's efforts to teach me to crochet all the way up into my thirties, when I was pregnant with my first child. That seventies kitsch was the main reason why. After all, why does anyone need frilly toilet paper covers in their life?

The Crochet Dude is all kinds of awesome, and now my hands are itching to get this book! Thanks for reviewing it!