Week Three of Designerpalooza! My Chair!

'Relax' Adirondack Chair Designed by Margot (and Andrew) Potter
Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

"It was 1946 and Lana was exhausted. A few years ago, she was just another wide eyed kid on a stool at a soda fountain. What a ride! Still, years of the relentless Hollywood star machine were beginning to wear her down. Being a movie starlet isn't all it's cracked up to be, but for the most part it's nice work if you can get it. The pay isn't too shabby either.

She wrapped her "of course it's my natural color" blonde hair up in a glamorous white satin turban, added some oversized matching sunglasses and tossed her swimsuit, espadrilles and a few cotton rompers into a carry-on bag and left LA for Miami. A few nights at the Riviera in South Beach were just what a dame needed to get her moxie back. Though traveling incognito, Lana knew her ruse wouldn't last for long.

Oh to be a normal person for a day or two without any deadlines, photo shoots, film sets, special appearances, interviews or scripts to memorize. She settled back in her pretty pastel painted Adirondack chair with a tall Tom Collins for just a fleeting moment of solitude..."

Relax Adirondack Chair View Two Copyright Margot (and Andrew) Potter

Like Ms. Lana, I was feeling pretty worn out when I designed this chair. I wanted the chair to remind me that it's okay to sit back and relax. In fact, it's imperative!

I started with the idea of a 1940s pastel color palette. I'm relentlessly specific about color. It took about an hour in Lowe's to find these gorgeous saturated retro pastels. I was envisioning a chair from an old 40s beach resort that had seen better days, but still retained its retro charm. My husband and I teamed up on designing the sign and he did the manual labor for me. He's a mighty good man. We did a little sanding on some of the edges for a distressed, aged effect. You can also opt to add water to your paints to get a wash of color instead of a saturated finish.

I wanted a chair I could keep in my yard and enjoy for years to come and these Adirondack Chairs designed by Kathy Peterson for The Cedar Store are so beautifully crafted I'm quite sure they'll do the trick!

And yes, I intend to relax in this chair as soon as I get back from my photo shoot next week! No, seriously!

Next week we get a dose of fabulous from the incomparable Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo.
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Margot Potter (of course)


pat sloan said...

This is just FABULOUS Darling and I love the story!! Share the process... just perfect!! This could INSIDE my house!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors of this chair. We all need a good reminder to relax every now and then :)

Margot Potter said...

Thanks, gals! I wanted something that reflected my retro sensibility and reminded me to slow down sometimes! This was a lot of fun.


Michelle said...

I love it. I have two Adirondack chairs that used to have flowers painted on them. They have definitely seen better days. You, and the other designers, have really inspired me to tackle my own chairs. Thank you!

Margot Potter said...

We toyed with big Marimekko style pop art flowers and then I got this idea stuck in my head. It's so much fun to have such a big palette!


Julie Fillo said...

Your chair is lovely! The colors are yummy and it just begs a good novel and a nice drink. I love it!

Julie Fillo

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [03 Aug 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria