A Bevy of Books and DVDs and Big Changes at Studio Madge!

Hey Howdy Hey!

Behind the scenes here at Studio Madge, there are some pretty big things happening. I can't talk about them yet, but it's been a whirlwind. These things are going to have a huge impact on my career, this blog, my viral marketing efforts, every aspect of my life. There are endless little details to be worked out and clarified and there are huge decisions to be made and quite frankly, it's always unsettling to stand in the face of big changes. I'm just taking it one moment at a time and trying not to let it overwhelm me.

Life just keeps moving forward and we have to either jump on the train or get run over!

I have been so busy this summer that I've not had a lot of time for book reviews. Please forgive me if you've sent me a book and I've not yet posted about it. Since my work load is about to increase ten fold, I'm going to do some book recommendations today. Call them mini-reviews, if you will.

First congrats to Gina Rath for winning the final free copy of my book Bead Chic. Please forward your snail mail to margot@margotpotter.com. I've been buried, but I promise to get all of the prize copies out a.s.a.p.! Hang in there! If you have the book and you like it, please consider leaving a little review for me on Amazon. The more good reviews it gets, the better it's going to sell and my kid really needs some back to school clothes!

Also one of my Bead Chic contributors, Angela Bannatyne of Avenue A is giving away a copy of Bead Chic AND the gorgeous necklace she created for the book. Go to her blog and leave a comment to win.

If you've not met the force of nature that is Shannon Okey a.k.a. Knitgrrl, you've really been missing out. She's not only a smart cookie, a best selling author and one of the top experts in the knitting community, but she's a terrific writer and a superstar at self promotion. Even if you don't knit, her new book The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design is overflowing with fabulous advice for building a career as a design expert through writing books, magazine submissions, direct sales and online marketing efforts. Shannon talks in frank detail about contracts, publishing and every aspect of what it takes to make your expertise into a full time career. I have a free copy of this book to give away today...and believe me when I tell you you'll love it. Get this book, Shannon knows of what she speaks. Trust me. Leave a comment to win and I'll announce a winner next week.

I DO NOT have 'free copies' of the remaining items, just reviews and links to places you can buy them! Believe me, they're all worth the price of admission. I simply can't part with them...that's how good they are!

I recently received two absolutely amazing DVDs from Interweave created by the uber talented Ronna Sarvas Weltman. These are master classes with a master artist and well worth adding to your craft library. Metalwork is a primer for shaping, texturing and antiquing wireworked jewelry and Mixed Media: How to Make Polymer Clay Beads shares how to condition, shape, cure and texture poly clay beads. Ronna includes information about color, trouble shooting common clay issues and shares a host of innovative techniques. Good stuff abounding in both of these DVDs.

I was also sent a fabulous book to peruse from the fine folks at Interweave Press by renowned author and jewelry designer Lisa Niven Kelly of Beaducation.com. Stamped Metal Jewelry is a must have for any jewelry maker who wants to explore metal working. You'll learn how to stamp, texture, form, punch and rivet metal into designer style jewelry. Lisa shows you how to Link
oxidize, polish, cut, saw and dap metal blanks and sheet metal through gorgeous projects that will ignite your creative imagination. There's even a bonus DVD with the book! If you've been itching to try something new, this book is just what the bead doctor ordered.

Oh and one more thing! My aunt Shane Devine has a song on the rotation at Women of Substance radio! She's hoping to get 'You're a Part of Me' into the top ten, so if you can pop by and give her a thumbs up that would be fabulous! Kudos, Shane!



Crazy Art Girl said...

They all sound like wonderful products. I just got home from teachong at Create Brooks love Amy of them as resources.

Anonymous said...

I read Shannon's blog and have one of books Alt Fiber is has great knitting projects for working with planet fiber yarns. My two loves knitting and jewelry-making which are both wonderful combinations.


Carol N said...

I'm new to jewelry making although I've been crafting for years. I would love, love, love to win some of these inspiring books/dvds.

Rose said...

You -have- been busy! Lovely list of goodies to explore...

The Knitgrrl book looks so cool! There's nothing better than reading advice from people who've been there and become successful. I love knitting best of any of my hobbies, I am getting ready to start powering through some Christmas present projects!