Update from Studio Madge

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My straw pile has grown exponentially. I am quite certain there is circus music playing in the studio. I have a week to finish the bulk of my book and then a lot of looming travel that is going to keep me away from the studio. It's turning out to be another crazy summer. I am hopeful for a lazy summer next year...

I've completed 28 of the 30 core projects and I need to whip up 2 more. Then I need to create 9 more variation projects (I've completed six), finish the step by step instructions, write the chapter openers, write the tools and materials information and plan the techniques section. Then it's a matter of mapping out and packing up materials for the step by step shoot in August and getting it all to the publisher by July 30th. Plus there's Bead Chic coming out at the end of this month and the PR blitz I need to work out for that and the looming trip to CHA... Ah to have more hands and more hours!

On top of that we have a variety of other wacko things happening behind the scenes here and I know you all know I've been stressed to the max recently. Though folks around me seem convinced it will all work out, I can't be sure of that until I'm sure of that. It's complicated.
Breathing deeply...

I'll be back tomorrow with another fun Teen crafts project for ILoveToCreate. Until then...if you're as hot as we are around these parts...stay cool or if not, take that figuratively!


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Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [06 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria