Saturday TastyLinks!

Oh it's time again, yes once again, for your Linky Love shower! Break out those slickers and throw on your wellies!

I'm not feeling very chatty today, which is a rare occasion, so savor it while it lasts, people. A big crafty welcome to the delightful and talented Carmi Cimicata. You're going to love her! Do enjoy this week's craftacular linksplosion from "The Crafty Bloggers: We've got glue guns and we're not afraid to use them." (tm)

The Artful Crafter
Artist profile of June Crawford, “A Creative Dreamer” who crafts her dreams with words, charming art dolls and fantastical doodles – among other things. Take a peek into another artist’s creative world.

Stefanie Girard's Sweater Surgery
Silver French knot sunburst embellished tote using the pattern in Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts

Mixed Media Artist
What can you do with some vintage sheet music, fabric, and a photo transfer?

Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter
Madge has a new DIY Website! Come read all about it and check it out!

Crafty Princess Diaries
Tammy is spilling some of the beans concerning a new project she's working on - jewelry making kits!

Craftside-A behind-the-scenes peek at a crafty world
Craftside's got a tutorial on how to print on tissue paper from the book Creative Wildfire and a chance to win a copy of it, a super cute tutorial on how to needle felt a hedgehog, making a tole painted message block, and the latest Look, Learn, & Create video with Lisa Kettell.

Carmi's Art/Life World
Carmi turns wood curtain pulls into pretty dolls.

About Family Crafts
Check out this collection of free printable projects for Father's Day. Print and make Father's Day cards, coupon books, tags, and much more.


LissC said...

hi. This is unrelated to this post, but I needed a space to post you a lil note. Just wanted to say "THANK YOU!" I have probably 30 or so jewelry books now, and a zillion magazines. Yours however, was the very first I bought, quickly followed by the 2nd book I ever bought. And of course as soon as your third came out, I jumped all over it.

I learned so much from your books. Although I don't have the same style as you do, I love your think outside the box technique and that is very inspiring. And the way you wrote in a girl friend tone, versus a boring text book reading made it fun too!

My niece became interested in beading last year, she is 12, and of course, I went right out and bought her your books. So again, THANK YOU!

Have a fantastic day!

Margot Potter said...


Thank you for taking the time to post this comment, you made my whole week.